Ladies and gentlemen we’re back and better.
Dear girl, it’s important to always grow through what you go through. Not just my girls; You boys too. Life is 20% what happens to you and 80% how you react to what happens to you.
My site crashed at a time I was mourning my beloved grandmother who was soooo dear to me. Things were rough mentally but in the eyes of God he wanted to establish a new beginning. It’s my 18th year on earth and I’m so much wiser than I was when I started blogging at 17. So my wisdom is gonna be most evident building my blog and brand up again, stronger and more intelligently this time.
I miss my old posts, my play on words, my pictures and stuff but the love you guys have shown me before and during the loss of my website drove me to a conclusion that if you guys loved me at that time when I was still figuring my way around life as a teenager who just loves to blog her fashion sense and lifestyle, y’all will love me even more as semi-adult who’s not just gonna blog her fashion sense and lifestyle, but carry her entire audience with her wherever she goes and whatever she lays her hands on.
I’m not giving any excuses this time as to uploading videos here because some messages are better heard than read . The motif is to keep you updated on every thing worth your time, thoughts, emulation and consideration.
Also gonna be more consistent so that we can all move fast in achieving our common goals.
Sincerely, I don’t think I can completely understand the love and support you guys have and show towards me but I promise not to let you down in return.
Welcome back to my life in the fab lane.

This outfit wasn’t planned at all. I was just in the mood to take pictures. Switch up your skirt-shirt looks with some dope sport shoes. Have a beautiful day.

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