Hi Dearie! Welcome to ze blog and have a great read as I introduce to you StyleTick Fashion brand .

Most of y’all may have seen two posts on my instagram featuring gorgeous wrap dresses that everyone seems to love me in. Well I’m here to take you down that lane to have you cop yours and be the talk of every one.

Style Tick Fashion is  a brand that exists to adorn women of all sizes with simply gorgeous ready to tie/wear wrap dresses which come in different colors. Amazingly, you can tie the wrap dress to be long or short, according to the outing or occasion you want to wear it to. More amazingly, the wrap dresses hug your curves in all the right places so what’s there not to love about a dress that nick names you “Sexy”.

The title of this post signifies that you my super gorgeous ladies should cop your coat of many colors from Style Tick Fashion so that you can slay\strut as a female version of Joseph in the Bible.

Depending on accessorizing appropriately and choice of face beat, you can attend any function, outing or occasion in Style Tick Fashion brand wrap dresses.

Although, I would upload a post on how I would style my one Style Tick Fashion wrap dress in different ways to fit different occasions, this post is to introduce to you the brand, its dresses and few of the different colors that they come in.

To purchase yours Click StleTickFashion 

I hope you enjoyed reading, be sure tag me in your slayage when you post a picture of you in your Style Tick wrap dress.

See you in my next post!


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