Hello darlings! How is life treating you? Good I hope.

Frankly I’ve been trying to get back on my feet with this blogging thing and it’s almost as if I’ve never been in this business before. But oh well! God’s grace is ever sufficient for us even more when we can’t figure it out. Before I take you with me on today’s post; I want you to have it in mind that this is not a blog or website of a girl who has it all together; This is my website where I share with you my wardrobe diaries, life lessons and my growth spiritually, physically, mentally and otherwise, hoping that I may some way inspire you. I really do appreciate you all for sticking with me this far.

The WCW tag which many of us know to be Woman Crush Wednesday is the centre subject of today”s post. And today’s WCW on the blog is every woman including myself that I’ve ever known and all the women out there that I don’t know too. This is because I’ve recently been down cast about a lot of things in my life, particularly because I’m longing for a change in so many areas of my life and it makes me wonder how we all as women manage to go through it all with our various individual character and behavioral flaws as issues we’re trynna deal with too. This feeling of belonging to a sphere of women longing to get it right in all ramifications of their lives was even more propelled by the movie “Girls trip” which I went to watch at the cinema yesterday after sulking the whole day. Before I continue, I know someone’s gonna ask, didn’t you pray? Well yes I did; in tears even but when your flesh is hurt, allow it to release the tears even though your trust in God is not shaken.

“Big Girls Cry”

After watching Girls trip, my eyes were opened more to the fact that there is power in women empowering one another to be better; I know one might say, it’s hard to find a friend these days that you can trust but then that’s why I always tell my girls that a relationship with God sets the tone for other relationships to be built in your life. God will cut off toxic people from you and give you the ones who would constantly make you feel like you have everything even when you don’t.

Instead of being on a search to find a squad without flaws and complications, let us be that woman that will attract other women of the kind  that she is. The truth is everyone would need somebody or a team at one point in their lives when they feel like “nah I can’t do this anymore”. The world is wicked yes, a lot of ladies are wicked in terms of disclosing secrets and bringing down the other to feel important. But what about the rest of us? Who are working on ourselves daily? There’s a sphere of women who are actually jovial, yet meek; hyper, yet can keep secrets for years. what about us that know what is right in a world that constantly paints wrongs as rights. There is no problem, complication, situation or dilemma that is peculiar with us individually. We need ourselves.  We need more squads with women pushing other women to the top. There’s nothing wrong with being alone but sometimes you need someone or some people to share in your joy, your celebration, your hurt and confusion and most importantly you need people that will get down on their knees in prayer for you.

Work on yourself today and be that woman who you want as a friend so that when that friend comes, you would say boldly that you deserve each other.

This is what the WCW tag implores today, to  all you beauts out there.

My outfit features a sheer body suit with velvet floral details and skirt with lace details and a simple black cap. I really do not know why or how I can pair face caps with anything, It’s just my style though. Plus I’m one who people always term “over dressed” so I guess I tone it down with a face cap or sneakers. Try it it works!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, please leave a comment on what you think we as women and girls should work on in order to be better friends to one another.

This post ends right here, see you in the next one.

Sincere love, kisses and hugs;


Deborah Umoren

The author Deborah Umoren


      1. Hi Debi… I like it when I see young ppl doing things like this, keep it up…. About WCW I think when we r able to work on ourselves… Every other thing will fall in place… Cheers

  1. This is just beautiful and inspiring b. May your voice in our generation never quiet down. May it grow louder each coming day in Jesus name. Thumbs up girl.

  2. Every woman should know this “Big girls cry” . Crying is a way of relieving you and it helps with moving on faster. So darlings let it out. Thank you Ofure

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