Green with love, not envy!

Hey guys! Happy Sunday and cheers to a new week. I heard testimonies in church today that sounded like movie scripts and fiction and i realized our God doesn’t do small miracles, he changes the game completely and breaks the norms for those who always remember His name. Dear reader, tap into the graciousness of God. If you failed last week, try again and this time hold unto God’s word. It’s important that I always introduce my blog posts, encouraging you all amazing people, in the Lord. Why, because the times are hard and even more perplexing for the average teenager trying to get it all  together.

“God is the Plug, stay Connected”

On the blog today, I will be showing you my outfit that features one of the fastest growing Nigerian fashion brands and five tips to starting a new week. Grab some tea as the weather is chilly, and continue reading.

Going to church today, I knew I had to look good for my maker regardless of the fact that I had a million and one requests and things to say to God; Guess what, He spoke to me expressly during the service and I felt as though an extra accessory had been added to my outfit. Why am I telling you this? Many times, we leave the house for work or church or school, looking like our problems or even worse. Why don’t we try the method of dressing towards the position we are aspiring to attain. I love fashion and I have realized that if I can dress good, when all else is terrible, then there is hope.

My gorgeous top is from DESIREFASHION1709 and I paired it with a pair of jeans from Primark mall, a pair of blinging sandals bae got me and a gucci purse.

I initially wanted to pair this top with a pair of printed paints with the same colors on the top but it’s more advisable to slay simple and classy to church hence my pairing the already statement top with less accessories and bottom. Are you feeling this look? Let me know what you’ll most likely wear this top with.

5 Tips to starting a new week

  1. You are not the mistakes you made in the previous week, every Monday is an opportunity for you to make a fresh start. Don;t wait for a fresh start, make one.
  2. Set goals on Sunday night and hold unto the word of God you heard in Church.
  3. Dress better, compliments from people could make you a bit better at working
  4. Look at the new week as an opportunity to rewrite your chapter this year, Every Monday is a second chance.
  5. Believe in yourself and your capabilities.

Please hold on to these five tips from Monday, till the very last hour of Saturday.

Wishing you all a prosperous new week.


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