September 2017


Styled By Camo Obsession


Hey guys!

It’s been quite a while on here. I’ve really missed blogging but you know how it is returning to school after an extremely eventful summer break that lasted three months. I can’t seem to adjust quickly but hey it’s okay. We’re not gonna be adults over night.

This is not such a major post but I thought to share with you guys very few ways I’ve styled a certain print I heart so much. It’s a popular print originally distinguished for its ownership by soldiers. The military print known as “Camouflage”.

Guyssss I love love love this print. And guess what? It’s prohibited to be seen worn in this print if you have no business with the Nigerian army. But hey I travel a lot so it’s cool. Nigeria isn’t the only place to slay; Is it?

To get a glimpse of the few times I’ve casually slayed in this print, keep scrolling and enjoy the images.

Definitely copping more items in this print. Watch the space guys and keep visiting your girl’s site.

Love and appreciate y’all trés much.

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