October 2017


Felabration ‘017


Top of the morning guys!!!

It’s a beautiful Thursday morning to throw it back to last Friday when I graced Felabration (Celebration of the life of Fela) at Freedom Park venue in the company of my best friend.

I actually wasn’t in attendance because I’m a huge fan of Fela or his music, I graced the event specially because my dad was one of the official artists exhibiting their works at the venue in honor of Fela’s legacy

Goofy outchea isn’t it?!

Done with introducing this post, let’s check out my outfit.

Keep scrolling because you just might get to see how well you can rock Adire pants plus a lowkey sneak peek into my dad’s Art as regards the celebration.

I’m wearing a Criss-Cross Olive long sleeve top I copped from Mr. Price, my dad’s Adire pants, a B&W belt, an Olive Michael Kors purse and a pair of champagne sandals I steal from my mum’s wardrobe every now and then.

I feel wearing these Adire pants was such a great idea because firstly, the whole hoola baloo is in honour of an African Music legend, social activist , whose dress sense revolved around nothing but beads, Adire, ankara and Afrocentric items in all.

The B&W belt I wore was in other to tone up the outfit and look not too casual. Do you think I pulled this off correctly?

If you’re still reading, you’re the bomb….. the real MVP. Coz right about now we’ll go right into a sneak peek of my dad Emmanuel Umoren’s paintings for Felabration ‘017 Art Exhibition.

Completely amazing isn’t it?

And yeah you guessed right, I’m such a proud daughter.

Closing the curtains on this post, wishing you guys a pleasant pre-TGIF.

Stay happy.

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Nyanrinya For Nigeria at 57


Hi guys. Happy Independence Day in arias to my fellow Nigerians.

I identified with my Fulani sisters for Independence Day celebration this year.

There are three major tribes in Nigeria namely Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba.

The Yoruba people’s fashion is very common as a result of the fact that Nigerians have inculcated it in their Owambe (party) style (i.e. Iro&Buba with Gele).

The average Nigerian girl or lady has this set in her wardrobe.

The Igbos have their dressing style in wearing George and double wrappers.

These two tribes have top and wrapper basic appearance which varies in fabric, colors and textures.

Although I’m from AkwaIbom state, I chose to identify with the Fulanis who are under the Hausa tribe this year for the Independence Day celebration and yes I wore this to church as October 1st happened to be a Sunday.

Patriotism is a personal decision regardless of the bad history, present or arising circumstances in the country.

One cannot change his or her origin even if things are not as rosey as they should be. We can build the nation from our doorstep by cleaning the environment, replacing jungle justice with reporting crime to the right officials, paying our taxes and blessing the nation with our words instead of cursing.

I love this outfit by the Fulanis; the crop top, wrapper, choker combo is actually so not basic for me and I really loved myself in this outfit.

There are a lot of reasons why the average Nigerian will backdown on patriotism but I’m just gonna say we should individually do what is right . Let us close our ears from the noise of the world and do what will give the next generations to come ability to live right and make things better.

Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress.

Reasons I love Being Nigerian:

1. The color of my skin

2. Roasted plantain anytime any day

3. Gala on the go

4. The delicacies of the different tribes

5. The hustle mindset of going for what I


6. Highlife music

7. The unrealistic movie scenes that are outrageously hilarious

What’s yours?

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