Reminiscing on the breast cancer awareness month of October as we enter into the November of our dreams.

Breast cancer is a severe condition no one wishes for anyone. It’s the leading cause of untimely death amongst women across the globe.

However, we must stay woke and draw strength from survivors and keep ourselves checked from time to time in order to avoid disheartening surprises.


This post features my look to a wedding I regretted attending at the end of the day. The color theme for the wedding was peach and skye blue and this is what I could come up with in less than 24hours. Images in this post do not show my feet because of a terrible mishap that occurred that day. Guysssss you don’t wanna know for real!

Happy November guys. Who else is excited about Christmas being about 6 weeks close!!!

Once again please check your breastssss and let all the breast cancer patients you know feel more loved now than ever.

See you guys at the next post.

Deborah Umoren

The author Deborah Umoren

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