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Grab a cup of coffee as we continue our discussion on what the ideal social media membership is or should be.

Less than 36 hours ago, the first highlight we identified under this topic, is the attribute of building an appropriate and strong profile. ClickHERE to view post.

Today, we’ll be looking at another attribute of ideal social media membership.


This can also be referred to as environment creation (where environment in this context means what surrounds you on social media).

A circle can be likened to a rotation or continuous cycle. This is to define the viscous cycle of following people and getting followed.

Circle building can be looked at in four important ways:

1.) Do unto others as you have them do to you. Whatever vibes you give out on social media is what you’ll get.

2.) Who and what you follow on social media determines the circle you build around your self and the environment you create for your mental health.

3.) Keeping track of people with the same school of thought as you.

4.) Creating substantial relationships and friendships

Your mind often has an open door, whatever you take into the room of your mind metamorphoses into a house someday; Your eyes are a window and whatever they see continuously, seats in the center of your mind.

This is to say, followership or following people on social media is a serious cause of being made or broken by social media.

The posts of the people you follow, you should ask yourself often: “is this good for me”?, “is this moving me in the direction I said I want to go”?, “is this good for my mental health”?, “does this challenge me to be a better person or does it intensify my weaknesses”?, “does this boost my confidence or does it magnify my insecurities”?

One thing we often fail to recognize is that social media feeds our minds and influences our thoughts , words and actions”

The best way to build a circle or environment for yourself on social media is to identify who you are and then start to identify the people who are on the same page with you in life.

Whoever and whatever you follow on social media determines what follows you 95% of the time.

I hope this was somewhat helpful in some way.

Do have a lovely Wednesday and see you guys in the next post.

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