A very happy birthday season to me. I turned nineteen (19) on April 6 2018.

I am extremely grateful and thankful to God for giving me another year to shoot my shot at whatever assignment he has placed on my existence. Wow!!!! This is my last year of being a teenager. Guysssss! I’m adulting !

While I’m being excited about getting closer to the years when I can be independent, go about my business, mature mentally, physically and other wise, I’m also gnashing my teeth as to the big question “SO WHAT’S NEXT”?

While Adulting could be very interesting, fun and self creating, it could also be encapsulated by thoughts, actions , desires and emotions that could either make or scar you forever.

I am not the reason why I have gracefully grown from 0-19 ; with all the challenges, celebrations, disappointments, setbacks, tears and even joy. I will never take the glory. I am not responsible for who I have emerged. God’s love did this to me. It brought me here.

That is why I am making a conscious effort to dwell in the same thing that has been responsible for my growth over the years.


Grace is. God in your Race.

I am fearlessly walking into this new year because God’s grace is sufficient for me to lead me to do what is best for me and my future. Adulting is all about choices that push us to a destination of regret or fulfillment. I am mere mortal and I do not know what my future holds. Different people have their sources of power and confidence. I have mine in Jesus and the fact that he gave me a place in His kingdom to bring Him pleasure. He is the center of my race and I have chosen to dwell in His supernatural empowerment so that I will not make choices out of my own understanding .

I don’t even know myself as much as the one who made me. So Chapter 19 is me constantly letting God be the center of my choices. I may stray and fall but the strength of those that love and know God will always be renewed.

I am 19 because I have chosen to let God write this chapter for me before I hit the 20’s road not because I have celebrated 19 birthdays.

It’s important I share year 18’s highlights. So please keep reading boo!


1. Almost every product, film or initiative is open to people for participation or consumption from 18 upwards. Be wise in your selections.

2. Culinary skills is key at 18. The world sees you as a mini woman.

3. Boys and men are not scum. It’s all about you, how you handle them and the situations they put you in.

4. Purpose is an incredible alarm clock and a Forgiveness credit card and timer . Being purpose driven keeps you drama and bad blood free. When you’re purpose driven, you take everyday as an opportunity to bring you steps closer to your goals . No time for malice or shades .

5. Keep your relationship private but also feel free to share beautiful moments you’ve shared with your partner once in a while. Celebrate them and promote their work.

6. Be intentional about everything you say and do. Everything that comes out of you is a reflection of who you are.

7. Your parents are the best parents for you . God knows you need to be born into your family because that is where your character will be built. No matter how your parents are, your growing under them is a base for you to be grounded in discipline and good character. They may be old fashioned to you but they’ve seen more years than you have . There are certain attributes we are presently celebrated for that we wouldn’t have had if we weren’t born by our parents.

8. You don’t need to have a best friend.

9. Whatever takes most of your time rules you! (This is why I started praying and reading the Bible more often)

10. You are on your own. What you do is what you get! Nobody owes you anything.

11. Save more than you spend. Never let your account balance get to rock bottom.

12. Be genuine. It always attracts Good luck.

13. You don’t need what everybody has, you have what everybody needs.

14. It’s okay to cry and feel bad but just don’t dwell there. People don’t get drowned by falling into the water, they get drowned by staying there.

15. Personal hygiene is the first and most important beauty tip.

16. Stay close to people who inspire you.

17. Being present at every event isn’t a criteria for being labeled successful . Popularity is not Success.

18. Don’t get caught up in moments for too long; they most times influence decisions we regret later.

That’s it guys! I hope I in someway helped someone pull off from the anxiety that comes with almost entering the 20s era.

Cheers to the teenagers putting in work mentally, spiritually, financially, emotionally and socially to ADULT correctly. We will be as the Sun it’s might.

Happy Birthday to me again.

Deborah Umoren

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