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Check your Breast!!!



Reminiscing on the breast cancer awareness month of October as we enter into the November of our dreams.

Breast cancer is a severe condition no one wishes for anyone. It’s the leading cause of untimely death amongst women across the globe.

However, we must stay woke and draw strength from survivors and keep ourselves checked from time to time in order to avoid disheartening surprises.


This post features my look to a wedding I regretted attending at the end of the day. The color theme for the wedding was peach and skye blue and this is what I could come up with in less than 24hours. Images in this post do not show my feet because of a terrible mishap that occurred that day. Guysssss you don’t wanna know for real!

Happy November guys. Who else is excited about Christmas being about 6 weeks close!!!

Once again please check your breastssss and let all the breast cancer patients you know feel more loved now than ever.

See you guys at the next post.

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Felabration ‘017


Top of the morning guys!!!

It’s a beautiful Thursday morning to throw it back to last Friday when I graced Felabration (Celebration of the life of Fela) at Freedom Park venue in the company of my best friend.

I actually wasn’t in attendance because I’m a huge fan of Fela or his music, I graced the event specially because my dad was one of the official artists exhibiting their works at the venue in honor of Fela’s legacy

Goofy outchea isn’t it?!

Done with introducing this post, let’s check out my outfit.

Keep scrolling because you just might get to see how well you can rock Adire pants plus a lowkey sneak peek into my dad’s Art as regards the celebration.

I’m wearing a Criss-Cross Olive long sleeve top I copped from Mr. Price, my dad’s Adire pants, a B&W belt, an Olive Michael Kors purse and a pair of champagne sandals I steal from my mum’s wardrobe every now and then.

I feel wearing these Adire pants was such a great idea because firstly, the whole hoola baloo is in honour of an African Music legend, social activist , whose dress sense revolved around nothing but beads, Adire, ankara and Afrocentric items in all.

The B&W belt I wore was in other to tone up the outfit and look not too casual. Do you think I pulled this off correctly?

If you’re still reading, you’re the bomb….. the real MVP. Coz right about now we’ll go right into a sneak peek of my dad Emmanuel Umoren’s paintings for Felabration ‘017 Art Exhibition.

Completely amazing isn’t it?

And yeah you guessed right, I’m such a proud daughter.

Closing the curtains on this post, wishing you guys a pleasant pre-TGIF.

Stay happy.

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Nyanrinya For Nigeria at 57


Hi guys. Happy Independence Day in arias to my fellow Nigerians.

I identified with my Fulani sisters for Independence Day celebration this year.

There are three major tribes in Nigeria namely Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba.

The Yoruba people’s fashion is very common as a result of the fact that Nigerians have inculcated it in their Owambe (party) style (i.e. Iro&Buba with Gele).

The average Nigerian girl or lady has this set in her wardrobe.

The Igbos have their dressing style in wearing George and double wrappers.

These two tribes have top and wrapper basic appearance which varies in fabric, colors and textures.

Although I’m from AkwaIbom state, I chose to identify with the Fulanis who are under the Hausa tribe this year for the Independence Day celebration and yes I wore this to church as October 1st happened to be a Sunday.

Patriotism is a personal decision regardless of the bad history, present or arising circumstances in the country.

One cannot change his or her origin even if things are not as rosey as they should be. We can build the nation from our doorstep by cleaning the environment, replacing jungle justice with reporting crime to the right officials, paying our taxes and blessing the nation with our words instead of cursing.

I love this outfit by the Fulanis; the crop top, wrapper, choker combo is actually so not basic for me and I really loved myself in this outfit.

There are a lot of reasons why the average Nigerian will backdown on patriotism but I’m just gonna say we should individually do what is right . Let us close our ears from the noise of the world and do what will give the next generations to come ability to live right and make things better.

Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress.

Reasons I love Being Nigerian:

1. The color of my skin

2. Roasted plantain anytime any day

3. Gala on the go

4. The delicacies of the different tribes

5. The hustle mindset of going for what I


6. Highlife music

7. The unrealistic movie scenes that are outrageously hilarious

What’s yours?

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Styled By Camo Obsession


Hey guys!

It’s been quite a while on here. I’ve really missed blogging but you know how it is returning to school after an extremely eventful summer break that lasted three months. I can’t seem to adjust quickly but hey it’s okay. We’re not gonna be adults over night.

This is not such a major post but I thought to share with you guys very few ways I’ve styled a certain print I heart so much. It’s a popular print originally distinguished for its ownership by soldiers. The military print known as “Camouflage”.

Guyssss I love love love this print. And guess what? It’s prohibited to be seen worn in this print if you have no business with the Nigerian army. But hey I travel a lot so it’s cool. Nigeria isn’t the only place to slay; Is it?

To get a glimpse of the few times I’ve casually slayed in this print, keep scrolling and enjoy the images.

Definitely copping more items in this print. Watch the space guys and keep visiting your girl’s site.

Love and appreciate y’all trés much.

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Green, with Love


Green with love, not envy!

Hey guys! Happy Sunday and cheers to a new week. I heard testimonies in church today that sounded like movie scripts and fiction and i realized our God doesn’t do small miracles, he changes the game completely and breaks the norms for those who always remember His name. Dear reader, tap into the graciousness of God. If you failed last week, try again and this time hold unto God’s word. It’s important that I always introduce my blog posts, encouraging you all amazing people, in the Lord. Why, because the times are hard and even more perplexing for the average teenager trying to get it all  together.

“God is the Plug, stay Connected”

On the blog today, I will be showing you my outfit that features one of the fastest growing Nigerian fashion brands and five tips to starting a new week. Grab some tea as the weather is chilly, and continue reading.

Going to church today, I knew I had to look good for my maker regardless of the fact that I had a million and one requests and things to say to God; Guess what, He spoke to me expressly during the service and I felt as though an extra accessory had been added to my outfit. Why am I telling you this? Many times, we leave the house for work or church or school, looking like our problems or even worse. Why don’t we try the method of dressing towards the position we are aspiring to attain. I love fashion and I have realized that if I can dress good, when all else is terrible, then there is hope.

My gorgeous top is from DESIREFASHION1709 and I paired it with a pair of jeans from Primark mall, a pair of blinging sandals bae got me and a gucci purse.

I initially wanted to pair this top with a pair of printed paints with the same colors on the top but it’s more advisable to slay simple and classy to church hence my pairing the already statement top with less accessories and bottom. Are you feeling this look? Let me know what you’ll most likely wear this top with.

5 Tips to starting a new week

  1. You are not the mistakes you made in the previous week, every Monday is an opportunity for you to make a fresh start. Don;t wait for a fresh start, make one.
  2. Set goals on Sunday night and hold unto the word of God you heard in Church.
  3. Dress better, compliments from people could make you a bit better at working
  4. Look at the new week as an opportunity to rewrite your chapter this year, Every Monday is a second chance.
  5. Believe in yourself and your capabilities.

Please hold on to these five tips from Monday, till the very last hour of Saturday.

Wishing you all a prosperous new week.


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The WCW Tag 01 : Girlfriend Material


Hello darlings! How is life treating you? Good I hope.

Frankly I’ve been trying to get back on my feet with this blogging thing and it’s almost as if I’ve never been in this business before. But oh well! God’s grace is ever sufficient for us even more when we can’t figure it out. Before I take you with me on today’s post; I want you to have it in mind that this is not a blog or website of a girl who has it all together; This is my website where I share with you my wardrobe diaries, life lessons and my growth spiritually, physically, mentally and otherwise, hoping that I may some way inspire you. I really do appreciate you all for sticking with me this far.

The WCW tag which many of us know to be Woman Crush Wednesday is the centre subject of today”s post. And today’s WCW on the blog is every woman including myself that I’ve ever known and all the women out there that I don’t know too. This is because I’ve recently been down cast about a lot of things in my life, particularly because I’m longing for a change in so many areas of my life and it makes me wonder how we all as women manage to go through it all with our various individual character and behavioral flaws as issues we’re trynna deal with too. This feeling of belonging to a sphere of women longing to get it right in all ramifications of their lives was even more propelled by the movie “Girls trip” which I went to watch at the cinema yesterday after sulking the whole day. Before I continue, I know someone’s gonna ask, didn’t you pray? Well yes I did; in tears even but when your flesh is hurt, allow it to release the tears even though your trust in God is not shaken.

“Big Girls Cry”

After watching Girls trip, my eyes were opened more to the fact that there is power in women empowering one another to be better; I know one might say, it’s hard to find a friend these days that you can trust but then that’s why I always tell my girls that a relationship with God sets the tone for other relationships to be built in your life. God will cut off toxic people from you and give you the ones who would constantly make you feel like you have everything even when you don’t.

Instead of being on a search to find a squad without flaws and complications, let us be that woman that will attract other women of the kind  that she is. The truth is everyone would need somebody or a team at one point in their lives when they feel like “nah I can’t do this anymore”. The world is wicked yes, a lot of ladies are wicked in terms of disclosing secrets and bringing down the other to feel important. But what about the rest of us? Who are working on ourselves daily? There’s a sphere of women who are actually jovial, yet meek; hyper, yet can keep secrets for years. what about us that know what is right in a world that constantly paints wrongs as rights. There is no problem, complication, situation or dilemma that is peculiar with us individually. We need ourselves.  We need more squads with women pushing other women to the top. There’s nothing wrong with being alone but sometimes you need someone or some people to share in your joy, your celebration, your hurt and confusion and most importantly you need people that will get down on their knees in prayer for you.

Work on yourself today and be that woman who you want as a friend so that when that friend comes, you would say boldly that you deserve each other.

This is what the WCW tag implores today, to  all you beauts out there.

My outfit features a sheer body suit with velvet floral details and skirt with lace details and a simple black cap. I really do not know why or how I can pair face caps with anything, It’s just my style though. Plus I’m one who people always term “over dressed” so I guess I tone it down with a face cap or sneakers. Try it it works!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, please leave a comment on what you think we as women and girls should work on in order to be better friends to one another.

This post ends right here, see you in the next one.

Sincere love, kisses and hugs;


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Hue Rain

IMG_2348 (1)

Hey Guys!

Wassup! Wassup!!

Okay so this is basically just showing you pictures from a random day that I practically looked like a rainbow candy; featuring two brands as regards the pieces I used to accessorize.

Keep scrolling to enjoy the gallery.

Cop this sunshine ankara face cap from ZionTribeApparel


Blue chain choker from AccessoriesbyPhavour

Enjoy the rest of your week hun.


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JOSEPHINE ft Style Tick Fashion

Hi Dearie! Welcome to ze blog and have a great read as I introduce to you StyleTick Fashion brand .

Most of y’all may have seen two posts on my instagram featuring gorgeous wrap dresses that everyone seems to love me in. Well I’m here to take you down that lane to have you cop yours and be the talk of every one.

Style Tick Fashion is  a brand that exists to adorn women of all sizes with simply gorgeous ready to tie/wear wrap dresses which come in different colors. Amazingly, you can tie the wrap dress to be long or short, according to the outing or occasion you want to wear it to. More amazingly, the wrap dresses hug your curves in all the right places so what’s there not to love about a dress that nick names you “Sexy”.

The title of this post signifies that you my super gorgeous ladies should cop your coat of many colors from Style Tick Fashion so that you can slay\strut as a female version of Joseph in the Bible.

Depending on accessorizing appropriately and choice of face beat, you can attend any function, outing or occasion in Style Tick Fashion brand wrap dresses.

Although, I would upload a post on how I would style my one Style Tick Fashion wrap dress in different ways to fit different occasions, this post is to introduce to you the brand, its dresses and few of the different colors that they come in.

To purchase yours Click StleTickFashion 

I hope you enjoyed reading, be sure tag me in your slayage when you post a picture of you in your Style Tick wrap dress.

See you in my next post!


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Ofure’s top looks since “The Black Rose” was launched on January 10 2016.
Hi lovelies! Y’all know my site crashed about three months ago, the same period I lost my dearly beloved grandma; This is a pictorial recap of some of the most admired looks featured before the crash.
Keep scrolling to enjoy the gallery.

Had fun viewing? I hope so!

If you wish to purchase any of the items seen on me, please check through my IG for brand names and handles in my captions and tags. Thank you sweets. Xxx


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Ladies and gentlemen we’re back and better.
Dear girl, it’s important to always grow through what you go through. Not just my girls; You boys too. Life is 20% what happens to you and 80% how you react to what happens to you.
My site crashed at a time I was mourning my beloved grandmother who was soooo dear to me. Things were rough mentally but in the eyes of God he wanted to establish a new beginning. It’s my 18th year on earth and I’m so much wiser than I was when I started blogging at 17. So my wisdom is gonna be most evident building my blog and brand up again, stronger and more intelligently this time.
I miss my old posts, my play on words, my pictures and stuff but the love you guys have shown me before and during the loss of my website drove me to a conclusion that if you guys loved me at that time when I was still figuring my way around life as a teenager who just loves to blog her fashion sense and lifestyle, y’all will love me even more as semi-adult who’s not just gonna blog her fashion sense and lifestyle, but carry her entire audience with her wherever she goes and whatever she lays her hands on.
I’m not giving any excuses this time as to uploading videos here because some messages are better heard than read . The motif is to keep you updated on every thing worth your time, thoughts, emulation and consideration.
Also gonna be more consistent so that we can all move fast in achieving our common goals.
Sincerely, I don’t think I can completely understand the love and support you guys have and show towards me but I promise not to let you down in return.
Welcome back to my life in the fab lane.

This outfit wasn’t planned at all. I was just in the mood to take pictures. Switch up your skirt-shirt looks with some dope sport shoes. Have a beautiful day.

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